Triceps Workout with Rob Riches using Powertec Compact Gym


Team Powertec athlete Rob Riches shares to you four exercises in a circuit manner to focus on thrashing the three heads of the triceps.


About Rob Riches

Rob Riches is a Fitness Model, 2x WBFF World Fitness Champion and a personal trainer with certifications through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), YMCA & REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals).

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to another Powertec workout with me Rob Riches, a Team Powertec athlete. On today’s video, I’ll be showing you four exercises to train the three muscles in the back of the arm – triceps. Now I said four exercises, one is really a warm up followed by three exercises to be performed in a circuit manner with minimum rest in between and the Powertec exercise equipment I’ll be using is the compact gym.

So let’s first set up, and I said the first exercise was more of the warm up and this is really just seated dips to really target the outer heads on the tricep. So feet up, make sure you’re on your heels and you’re not flat on the feet, this supports more of your body weight and this way on the heels we can pivot more of that weight, levergym the stress on the triceps so keep the hips close to the bench, shoulders back and keep that chest lifted up.

Now the goal of a warm up is to really get some blood and movement around in that muscle so lubricate all of the joints. In this case the shoulder and around the elbow so 20-30 rep or however many you feel is needed to really warm up and feel a bit of a burn in that muscle group but you don’t want to go towards failure. No, you need to save that for more of the actual exercise.

Now, I’ll bring the workbench up the second highest inclined, basically about 45-50 degree angle and now attach the short handle to this top leverage – the lever arm. This really is a modified seated overhead extension. The reason why it’s modified is because we pull the elbows much more down in line with the torso as if we are doing a tricep push down, like so.

A shorter range of movement compared to the traditional tricep push down but by having that angle that resistance coming from behind us and not directly above which is where that cable pulley normally is means we keep much more focus on the outer tricep head here. So go heavy but make sure you can get a solid 12-15 repetition no more within this circuit kind of exercise routine.

Next exercise, drop the bench down, gonna remove the short bar and focus on this pivoting long bar to do more of a traditional close grip triceps pull down.

Now when I say a close grip push down, this is different to a pull down. A pull down would be to have a rope or a cable or the short bar and to put it down, usually keeps the elbow close to the body and bring the bar down. A push down, as the name suggests, pushing down, more of like if you have a pneumatic drill when they do road works and they stand right over it so it working in the thicker area of the tricep. Another alternative exercise for this is close grip chest press, which we could also do. But as this is a circuit, I wanna keep things moving quickly. This is why with the compact gym we can modify and move it around fast.

Right then, this fourth and final exercise is a reverse grip pull down to really focus on the under section of the tricep here. So if you’re on stage, fitness model, or just want to improve your overall physique, this is what’s gonna give you more thickness in that Front Double Biceps pose. So I gonna step back, put one leg out to support us, pull down and then with the arm slighly keep forwards, pull that bar down flexing the back of the arm. And that is one complete circuit of hitting all three heads of the back of the arm – tricep muscle.

For more exercise routine and to see more powertec work stations, check out at I’m Rob Riches and tune in next time for more quick tips and techniques on the Powertec work stations. Take care.


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