Team POWERTEC Rob Riches and Natalie MInh at IHRSA 2011 Q&A Part 2


Q1) When in a muscle gaining phase, how much fat is healthy to put on before it becomes unhealthy?


Q2) Is it best to cycle your bodybuilding routines?



About Rob Riches

Rob Riches is a Fitness Model, 2x WBFF World Fitness Champion and a personal trainer with certifications through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), YMCA & REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals).

Video Transcript

Rob: Yo! What’s up guys? Team Powertec back here at 30th Anniversary of the IHSA, having live in San Francisco. Natalie you have few more questions.

Natalie: Few more questions

Rob: On the Powertec Facebook page that I asked you to post earlier so give me ah the last few then.

Natalie: Okay, so thanks to those who posted the questions. Joshy asks, “Rob when in a muscle gain phase, how much body fat would you allow to put before you need to start shredding the fat off? Before it gets to a point of being unhealthy, say for example 6% fatty? Uhmm.. im just talking examples for men not women. Thank you very much for your answer”

Rob: Again, a great question. I think a lot of people tend to ask, but they don’t always ask it the right way because they think in order to on put lean muscle in order to get bigger they need more food. By doing that they accumulate a lot more fat then they get bigger, they start to change their mind set that they wanted to look more lean, and ripped, and shredded, so they wanna get all that body fat off. Then they’re just gonna go up and down, up and down and so on like that. And I can tell you from experience that, that is not necessarily the way to do.

The way to do it is to keep the calorie based consistent and only at 300-500 calories extra a day. So earlier I said make change might be ratio from 13-15 calories per pound body mass so you wanna work that out and add about 500 calories on to that. That’s gonna be your maximum muscle gaining of calorie attack. And then with that, you’re looking at muscle mass, I said earlier that the max nutrient ratio is somewhere between 35-50-15 protein, carbs, and fat, so that’s your calorie intake right there and if you got it on percentages, really you don’t want to be getting up much above 12% of body fat.

If you’re at 16, that’s okay but if you start seeing those numbers going up maybe you measured them on scales or you got some callipers and you see it each week you’re putting on body fat, it shouldn’t be the case. At best you put on some 3-4 pounds of lean muscle, you’re gonna put a lot of pound of body fat so the ratio is about at best 3-1. So bear that in mind that if your weight is going up, if a third of that weight happens to be body fat, then you just don’t land in your weight so just tone it down a bit or so. Maybe add an assist to cardio in weeks. I hope it helps your question.

Natalie: Absolutely. Next question. Raven asks “Is it best to cycle straight and body building workout separately over the year or mixed it together at the same time?”

Rob: Hang on, what is bodybuilding? Is that on strength?

Natalie: Um.. yeah. Body building versus cycle strength workouts.

Rob: The basic question is, cycling your workouts, switching up the start of training maybe every 6-8 weeks both my kinda two cents on that would be, If you see progressively good gains or if you’re able to increase your resistance about 5% every other workout then to me your body has got to adapt to that routine. So stick with it.

If after a couple of weeks you’re unable to A. take the weight up or recover quite as quickly or you feel as though you’re fatigued along after that workout then your body has most likely adapt on that sort of training and it’s time to switch it up so going actually feeling on how your body responds to your training and yeah I would say go from a heavy workout kind of a strong mass strength training and then you wanna cycle it down some more of a leaner version on what you might be working on a higher volume with shorter recovery periods and you know keep one thing the same at least so keeping nutrition the same change one aspect of the training and see how much responds you get to that.

So if you change too many things, ears starts going off, red flag starts to appear everywhere and your body is going to turn into a state of alert and basically locks down on your change especially if that is fat burner that we do. So basically you change one thing at a time and only change it when you’re noticing things starts too slow down and not seeing as much response basically.

Natalie: So the important thing really is to keep track your workouts , keep tracking your progress

Rob: Note it down

Natalie: Okay.. Very good

Rob: Oh so that’s just about wraps up the end of team Powertec here. 30th anniversary of our IHRSA here at San Francisco and were gonna be around the rest of the world. So make sure you keep tabs on both of our personal facebook and twitter pages as well as Powertec Facebook and Twitter and check out for all related details.

Natalie: Keep posting more questions. Looking forward to them

Rob: Alright.


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