Team POWERTEC Rob Riches and Natalie MInh at IHRSA 2011 Q&A Part 1

Q: How many times per week should I train abs and does it matter if I do it during the AM with my cardio or do it in the evening?


About Rob Riches

Rob Riches is a Fitness Model, 2x WBFF World Fitness Champion and a personal trainer with certifications through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), YMCA & REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals).

Video Transcript

Natalie: Hey Rob!

Rob: Hey Nat!

Natalie: Hey! How’s your workout?

Rob: It’s good. Its intense. It’s all about working out

Natalie: Good

Rob: Different levels

Natalie: Well, now signed for team powertec, got some people who had been chasing you down on the fan page.

Rob: That’s why I’ve been hiding here in the cage

Natalie: Hiding from women

Rob: Too many people have been chasing me. Alright, so what have you got for me?

Natalie: Alright.

Rob: Hit me with it!

Natalie: Hit me with your best shot!

Rob: See what I did there?

Natalie: Yeah, right!

Rob: That’s very funny.

Natalie: Alright, sorry.. Andrea have a question for you.

Rob: And you have, Andrea Turner?

Natalie: Well yes.

Rob: What’s up Andrea?

Natalie: She says, “How many time per week should I train abs? Also does it matter if I do them with my AM cadio? What I do on an empty stomach or do them on with my weight training? Thank you.”

Rob: Great question Andrea. I’ve got moves, unlike big muscle groups in the chest, arms, back, etc. You can actually train them every day, believe it or not, and that’s true to A) The proximity towards the heart and lungs which means they re-oxidise fast, rapidly meaning that they give blood back to them very quickly so they’re endurance muscle. Kinda like your calves which mean to really train them you have to use higher volumes. So, you kinda hit the nail in the head there with doing abs early in the morning cause you got a stomach is flat for not having any food throughout the night, so by doing cardio in the morning it increases metabolism. Your gut and your stomach is already tight so by then further going on and doing your abdominal routine you’re really focusing and target through your abdominal and core.

But if you’re doing them every day, I’d vary it. So on one day you got to focus more on the lower section and maybe use a little power and some resistance and next day you got to focus maybe more on the circuit and just do higher volume and a bit more of your respiratory training and let’s say maybe two or three days maximum of working them out and give yourself at least one day because even though the abs might be able to take it, you might not be. And the hardest thing is when you hit that plateau its then break through and continue.

So variation, sets, high volume, early morning after your cardio before you eat will be the best time to train abs and keep it short. 20 minutes of high intensity abs training is all you really need.


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