Six-Pack Ab Training using the Powertec Functional Trainer with Ian Lauer


Team Powertec athlete Ian Lauer CSCS demonstrates awesome ab training with the Powertec Functional Trainer.


About Ian Lauer

Ian Lauer is an Actor, Fitness Model and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist via the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) as well as Certified Spencer Pilates Instructor through NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association).

Video Transcript

Hi, I am Ian Lauer in the Team Powertec. I’m here today about training your abs on the powertec functional trainer. Now everybody wants to have set of six pack abs and I’m gonna show you how to get there. So one of the areas that’s hard to focus on and get a lot of emphasis in is the lower portion of the abs, so I wanna start with exercises that are going emphasize the lower part of the abs as well as hip flexers and then move in to things that gonna work on the obliques.

So first off, were gonna have a seat, low bar is in position and were gonna do a leg pull here. So were in position, lock in, this is a challenging one and pull. You may have done this before in a bench with just kicking your legs out, here were adding resistance and just like that. That added resistance is gonna challenge those abs more than they have been challenged before.

Next were going to move right in to hanging leg raises. You’ve seen these before and we’ll just do straight leg, leg straight out. Down and up, down and up just like so. I’m feeling those already. That’s the hanging leg raise again working the lower part of those abs. You really want to work on tilting those hips to the movement that’s gonna shorten the rectus abdominal area and really give you those abs you’re looking for.

Next were gonna move into just a couple more exercises great for the obliques, abs, and lower back. I call this one the sweeper. Just like you’re holding a broom, arms are straight, and you’re going to sweep through. Arms are straight, sweep through. It doesn’t take many reps here until you notice and feel all of the muscles, the muscular turn of the abdominal wall.

In the final movement is the variation of the wood chopper. We’re gonna raise this up, just like so. Up nice and high in position, arms extended and chopped. It’s important to keep your arms extended. I see a lot of people doing this and then they’re really working the arms. Here we’re working on the midsection, arms straight and the movement is coming from the mid-section. Chopping down and chopping down.
So there you have it, four great exercises on the powertec functional trainer to help you tone, tighten your six pack.

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