Rob Riches Trains Chest on Powertec Functional Trainer

Rob Riches Trains Chest on Powertec Functional Trainer

Rob Riches guides us through a chest workout on the Powertec Functional Trainer.


About Rob Riches

Rob Riches is a Fitness Model, 2x WBFF World Fitness Champion and a personal trainer with certifications through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), YMCA & REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals).

Video Transcript

Hey Guys, I’m Rob Riches here with Team Powertec and with a new Functional Trainer. Now, one of the most basic and perhaps overused exercises is the good old bench press. Today, I’m going to show you several different chest exercises to really help you tone, isolate and develop the upper and inner area of the chest.

The first exercise is standing bar press but with the difference because each bar is attached to a separate cable, it adds a level of difficulty into the exercise, which will incorporate more of your stabilization muscles. In particular your intercostals here the finger like muscles that sits just beneath the chest. Here’s how it is done.

Right, to break that exercise down, let’s start with the basics: body alignment. As always wrist, elbow and shoulder are kept in alignment so for that I’ve set the shoulder on the top of the pulley to about shoulder height. The second part of this movement is, I take a step forwards lifting my back heel of that leg up which then keeps me a little bit more off balance, therefore I need to use more of the surrounding muscles and the chest to help me focus and push that weight out and thirdly, breathing and muscular contraction. As I pushed the weight out and breathing all the air out squeezing my abs, tight engaging the chest and forcing that muscular contraction for just a moment at the end before breathing in and controlling the weight back down without allowing the bar to touch my chest or the weights to touch the bottom of the machine.

Moving on, next let’s set the cable pulleys to the highest position and add some handles in to really isolate and work on the inner area of the chest.

The best way to really describe this exercise is imagine like you’re hugging a tree. You have a big tree you bringing your arms around without them bringing straightforward or bending out the elbow. This would help you keep the arms fixed and really focus on the chest, being able to pull the arms then pull the weight in. Basically a High Cable Chest Fly but by keeping the arm slightly curved and fixed in their position, you’re really transferring all of that stress from the weight into the chest and this is where it makes it as an efficient exercise. Again, take a step forwards and exhaling as you bring the weights in.

Right, the final exercise in our trio of exercises for the chest and for this, I’m simply going to bring the cable down and work isolatry working one side then the other to perform some high cable single arm chest flyes to really focus on lengthening and developing some upper thickness and depth in this area of the chest.

Sticking with the motion of that last exercise and hugging a tree to get movements spot on, one is more like starting the engine on a lawn mower. It’s kind of upwards movement except we are using the opposite arm and under hand grip, like this.

Might be an unusual exercise because most people will think about this one for the shoulder. But using that under hand grip and taking a half lunge out towards the opposite side of the leg closest to the machine. Again, keeping the arm fixed and reaching all the way up, you really get a full range of motion in that pectoral muscle really getting a peak contraction up to the top. So make sure pause and all of your air has been exhaled out and breathe it out in that upwards motion.

So with all of these chest exercises, aim to perform anywhere from 10, 12 even 15 reps using a good comfortable weight but one that’s going to have you tax towards those final few repetitions. 2 or 3 sets and you can either perform this as a circuit exercise 1, 2, 3, and then back to 1 again or perform 3 sets of each exercise trying to add about 5 or 10 percent rate on each set.

Well that’s all for today tips, tricks and techniques. Join me next time and I’ll be reviewing another piece of Powertec Fitness Equipment to show you how to curve up, tone and develop your body.


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