2011 Official Powertec Workbench Functional Trainer Promo

New for 2011! The Powertec Functional Trainer – Maximized Weight Capacity meets Unlimited, Iso- and Bilateral Free Motion Training. Product demonstrated by Team Powertec Kelechi Opara

An introduction to the Powertec Workbench Functional Trainer features and featured exercises.
You can perform exercises such as:
Pull Ups
Chin up
Standing Cable Fly
Tricep Pushdown
Standing Cable Crossovers
Standing Cable Rows
Standing Cable Shoulder Press
Cable Squats
Cable Lunges
Upright Rows
Bicep curls
Front Shoulder Raise
One Arm Cable Crossover
Kneeling Upright Rows
Ab Crunch
Alt Chest Press
Cable Crossover
Cable Twist
Chest Flys
Chest Press
Chin Ups
Close Row
Hip Abductor
Hip Extension
Incline Press
Lat Pull-Down
Leg Kickback
Oblique Crunch
One Arm Row
Overhead Ext
Pull Up
Push Down
Reverse Fly
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