Powertec Ultimate Leg Workout with Rob Riches


Team Powertec athlete Rob Riches demonstrates the Ultimate Leg Workout Program with the Powertec Squat/Calf and Leg Sled.


About Rob Riches

Rob Riches is a Fitness Model, 2x WBFF World Fitness Champion and a personal trainer with certifications through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), YMCA & REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals).

Video Transcript

Hey guys my name is Rob Riches part of team Powertec and on today’s show I’ll be showing you 3 key exercises to focus on defining, conditioning and bringing about that separation between the quad and the hamstring. Three (3) exercises, starting off on the Powertec Squat Calf, move over to the Powertec Leg Press and to then finish off, I’ll be adding in an isolation exercise bringing about the leg attachment over there at the work bench. First off, we’ll be doing a single leg lunge on here, really develop that outer sweep and hit the hamstring and glute, so let’s get into it.

Now of course, I’m sure you’ve seen many people do lunges with the dumbbells and barbells in the gym but the benefit of doing it on the plate-loaded machine is that:

a) With that incline plate, really keeps the resistance and increases the tension overloading the front part, the teardrop here, and by bringing the back leg back down and with it being lower than this foot step, it really keeps all of that weight over the hamstring and the glutes. So when I lower down my knee going lower than the back of my heels, so shin parallel to the floor. When I push up it’s the hamstring that’s actually shortening and pulling me back up. So great for working on the teardrop and also the hamstring. Of course, I needed one leg on there. It’s important to get 12 or 15 reps slightly higher with the legs and then switch over maybe allowing for a 30 seconds rest in between. So single leg squat in there just an example, let’s move over to the leg press.

Yet another great exercise for bringing about some developments and separation around the teardrop and tying the hamstring and glutes too. And for this I’m simply gonna shift my toes outwards transferring a lot of the muscles being worked in the action to the inner part of the thigh. So push up unlock the machine I want to come down nice and low, knees pretty much coming up towards my chest, so I’m gonna keep the weight quite light. Push all the way up but I’m not fully extending my legs, keeping them slightly bent so if you want hold them handles keep that chest up. Calves to get the good workout in here too and slow that tempo down really squeeze and engage the muscle every time you push back up.

So with just that simple change, that switching up-adding in, that new dynamic of shifting the toes around really can make quite a big difference in the part of the leg that you’re working. And going that little bit lower that you might do if you’re always focusing on going on a heavy weight, will allow you to get that extra tie-in, bringing in the hamstring and the glutes. So every now and again drop the weight down go a little bit lower just make sure that you have your feet position so that your knees are not pushing over the toes that will keep all of the weight firmly on the legs where you should be working.

Time to move over to our 3rd exercise and for this one, an isolation leg extension, again, really working on the teardrop and tying some hamstring and quad separation at the same time. Leg extension is probably one of the best exercises for really defining and adding conditioning to the legs beside the big movement like the squat. But, we are saving this one for the end because with the big compound movement from doing that step back lunge and then the front legged leg press, we don’t have as much energy left in the muscles so this allows us to isolate and really focus on what we have left.

Again, slight difference, we’re gonna angle those toes outward focusing more of this teardrop helping to add some separation between these major 4 quad muscles. But again, by bringing it all the way up like that, fully stretching out the hamstring, we’re also incorporate the hamstring into this movement as well. 12-15 reps, slow it down as well, toes out, squeeze, lower back down without allowing the weight to touch back. This will again keep the tension high on the legs, by increasing weight up in each work sets allowing you to overload the muscle and really tax it, as you hit your training threshold.

One more tip and that’s to do with the toes, keeping the toes pulled in will help lengthen the calf muscles and also the hamstring. So even when you lower the weight back down try to keep those toes pulled upwards towards your shin, helping to lengthen these muscles engaging them even more and recruiting them as part of this movement.

So again, 3 exercises focus on slowing down the tempo going a little bit lower maybe not as quiet as heavy on the weight that you might normally lift and angle the toes outwards pull them up is what help you engage both the hamstring, the gluts and the calves as well focus on greater separation in the quad development.

That’s all for today, check out Powertec Fitness for more of my videos and stay tuned and I’ll be back in the gym I’ll be showing you more tips, tricks and techniques to help define that Powertec body.

I’ll see you soon.


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