Powertec Functional Trainer Shoulder Blasters with Ian Lauer


Team Powertec athlete Ian Lauer CSCS shows us how to blast your Shoulders using the Powertec Functional Trainer.


About Ian Lauer

Ian Lauer is an Actor, Fitness Model and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist via the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) as well as Certified Spencer Pilates Instructor through NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association).

Video Transcript

Hi I am Ian Lauer with Team Powertec. I’m here to talk to you today about blasting your shoulders with the powertec functional trainer. This is not my walking stick. This is the bar we’re gonna use to start the workout. So first we’re gonna attach to the low pulley assembly and then step into position for the front raise. So were in, I like to use a slight bent in the knees and a very athletic position like you’re a line backer, underhand grip to really bring in emphasis out into the shoulder, elbow stay about 90 degree angle, and we just lift up through. It may look a little bit like a curl, but the arms are maintaining a static position at the elbow and really focusing on the front part of the delt. This is an excellent movement to help build the front of the shoulder. So hopefully you can see how that works.. This is one of my personal favorites. That’s exercise number one.

Next, what we’re gonna do, if I can free myself, is move into a rear fly pull. So I wanna show you this. This is a little variation. Kinda of a cross between a row and a rear fly. So what we do. A rear fly would look just like this. We’re just gonna fly across. Where a row is gonna be straight back. What I wanna do with you is combine the two into a hybrid movement. What we’re gonna do is actually pull apart. So were here and we’re pulling apart right there. This is hitting the rear delt, it’s really a problem area. I shouldn’t say problem area. Truly and challenge area for most guys is to bring out that rear delt and that’s a great exercise to help make that happened. So that’s exercise number two.

Now we’re gonna move into one of the basics. Single arm side raise, right here. You can either hold the pole for support or hand on the hip and just right out to the side. Working the outside part of the delt. Right here, this one is gonna give your shoulder width. Just like so and then you would switch. Other side, same exercise. We wanna make sure we maintain a good balance throughout the body. Just like so.

And the last exercise, I’m gonna take you through today is a shoulder press and you can set this up using a bench or do it standing. I’m gonna do it kneeling today which actually adds a little more challenge for your mid-section to hold your positioning. So we’re gonna kneel in position bring the handles up, and press. Down and press. Down and press. Down and press. So you put those four exercises together and suddenly you’ve trained the entire shoulder. Make sure you visit powertecfitness today to learn more about different training, techniques and workout equipment.


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