Powertec Functional Trainer Assisted and Resisted Workouts with Ian Lauer


Team Powertec athlete Ian Lauer CSCS talks about assisted and resisted workouts using the Powertec Functional Trainer.


About Ian Lauer

Ian Lauer is an Actor, Fitness Model and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist via the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) as well as Certified Spencer Pilates Instructor through NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association).

Video Transcript

Hi I am Ian Lauer, Team Powertec, here to talk to you today about assisted and resisted workouts using the Powertec Functional Trainer. So first I wanna start off using this long bar in the powertec functional trainer for a resisted squat. So adding resistance, and normally we put the weight up top or hold it in the arm, but what were gonna do is to bring it up into our hips and the reason were doing that is when we get to the top of our squat movement, we wanna focus on pushing hips forward, so were down the bar’s in place squeeze the glutes. Down, squeeze the glutes. And you can change the emphasis by stepping forward a bit. It’s gonna pull you back more so you just have to be careful. Were here, more glute drive. Were here, glute drive. And this isn’t something where you can have hundreds and hundreds of pounds on it but it will add some resistance to the movement help emphasize the work on the glutes and the quads. So that’s exercise number one for resisted movement.

So if you’re not quite advance enough yet for the resisted squat or your leg are completely burnout and you wanna go to one with assistance, that’s what were gonna do next. Let me show you how that works. Im gonna raise this up, elevated position, just like so both sides. Now what were gonna do is step into position, this is actually gonna be giving us assistance now. So in squat position, and were gonna squat and up, and squat and up. You can see this is the weight is actually counter-balancing us here and giving us some assistance. So this is something to give a try if perhaps you’re coming off an injury and you can’t go at your full body weight so a way to get around that. That’s exercise number two.

Exercise number there, same thing were gonna work with the idea of assistance but were using it on pull-ups. So here we are, step into position and pull-ups with assistance. So let’s say you are supposed to do 4 sets to 10 pull-ups and you can do 3. Well by using this bar for assistance you can get the necessary number of pull-ups and still achieving your desired result.

So if you’re able to do pull-ups easily with assistance or even just body weight then you’re wanna try to add resistance and there’s an easy way to do that here on the functional trainer. So were gonna move this out of the way, just like so, and were going to use our low cable assembly here just like so were gonna lock it in, put into place and then were gonna move right into pull-ups just like this. So were in position, the weight is pulling down adding resistance right here, go down and up, down and up. And just like that we’ve been able to add resistance to the movement.

So we’ve covered assisted and resisted squat, assisted-resisted pull-ups and that’s how you can use the functional trainer to add both to your workout.

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