Powertec Compact Gym: The ‘Transformers’ of Home Gyms

The Powertec Compact Gym: The ‘Transformers’ of Home Gyms
By: Ian Lauer CSCS

powertec levergym compact gym equipment


Do you remember the Transformers cartoon from the Eighties? Well if you don’t, I’m sure you know of the recent resurgence in the Transformers legacy via the blockbuster series of moves released this decade. One of the main characters that have survived the trial of time is “Bumblebee.” Back in the old cartoon days he was a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. More recently he is still yellow but has become a more masculine Chevrolet Camaro. “Why the change in auto maker,” you ask? It all comes back to marketing dollars, but that’s beside the point I’m trying to make. Whether you are an old school Eighties Transformers fan or a 2000’s Blockbuster Transformers fan, you can’t deny the power that is packed in the small automobile. It is truly “More Than Meets the Eye.”

What’s the point of all this Transformers mumbo jumbo? Like “Bumblebee”, the Powertec Compact Gym is “More Than Meets the Eye.” Both Bumblebee and the Compact Gym are capable of folding down into a very small size relative to their capabilities. Upon first glance it is difficult to see the full potential of each. But, as you start to examine them in full detail you will see the massive potential of each. By now you have probably grown weary of the Bumblebee Simile, so let’s focus on the Compact Gym and how it can help you create the physique you desire in minimal space.


First let’s discuss the size. It is about 3.5 feet wide, less than 7 feet long and under 6 feet tall. That is an easy to place footprint in nearly every room! Check out the diagram below with the exact stats:

workbench compact gym specifications


What’s more is that that is with the foldable bench out in work mode. When you aren’t using the Compact Gym simply by pulling one pin you can fold the bench up and out of the way reducing the Compact Gym length to around 4 feet. When tucked away in this position you will be left with ample room in your training area for other activities. Then when it is time for your next iron pumping session just pull the pin and set the seat back into work position and crank out another of your serious workouts!

I say serious for a reason. The weight capacity on the Compact Gym is 300 pounds. That’s a significant amount of weight to work with in a variety of traditional resistance training exercises. If you have read any of my articles before, you know I’m a huge proponent of Traditional Resistance Training. If you haven’t read them, do it! There’s a reason I’m so big on the Basics. They Work!

So where does the Compact Gym come in to play in regards to Traditional Training? The Compact Gym allows you to do tons of Traditional Resistance Training Exercises for Serious Gym Style results in a small space at home.

Now you know you can fit it into your home/apartment. You may be wondering what types of exercises you can really do on the Powertec Compact Gym? Check out this partial list of exercises:

– Bench Press
– Squat
– Bent-Over Row
– Triceps Push-down
– Lat Pull-down
– Reverse Grip Lat Pull-down
– Shrugs
– Leg Press
– Standing Lateral Press-down (Dip style)
– Calf Raises
– Shoulder Press

What does this list of exercises mean for you? You get, Serious Results in Minimal Space. If you are looking to build a physique reminiscent of Frank Zane or Steve Reeves then you will need to do exercises like they did. Their training programs consisted of a lot of the basics like you see listed above! So what’s the secret to getting those kinds of results on the Compact Gym? Consistency and Intensity is the answer.

powertec levergym compact gym workout


With a Compact Gym in the home there is NO EXCUSE not to be consistent. Workouts done the right way take only 25-45 minutes on the Compact Gym and with it in your living space there is no travel time to and from the gym. The end result is the ability to be consistent with a minimal investment of time! So what about Intensity? The Compact Gym can handle 300 pounds of resistance and is fully tested to handle the most intense workouts. The only limiting factor is the user. Are you up to the challenge! You throw it at the compact gym and it’ll be ready.

Sample Workout Plan:

– Bench Press 5×15
– Shoulder Press 5×15
– Pushups 2x MAX Reps
– Triceps Pressdown 4×15
– Standing Lateral Pressdown (Dip Style) 4×15
– Crunches 4×25

– Squat 5×15
– Calf Raises 4×25
– Leg Press 4×10
– Split Squat (Rear-Foot on Bench) 3×10 each leg
– Good Mornings 4×10
– Seated Leg Raises 4×25

– Lat Pull-down 5×15
– Bent-Over Row 5×15
– Lat Pull-down Reverse Grip 4×10
– Shrugs 4×10
– Step-Ups on Bench 3×15
– Lying Leg Raises 4×25

This is JUST ONE example of a weekly Full Body Workout Plan on the Compact Gym. If you are really up to getting results fast there are a couple options beyond the Monday, Wednesday, Friday plan for this workout split alone:

1. You can do all of the three days in a row and take 1-2 rest days off and then repeat.
2. You can train two days on one day off with the listed split.

When you’ve given 100% during your workout and have thrown the toughest workout you can muster at the Compact Gym, simply fold the bench away into the locked position. Now your Compact Gym is tucked nicely out of the way. There it will sit, out of the way, eagerly anticipating the next battle for lean mass creation!

Where else can you get 300 pounds of capacity in a heavy duty fully tested machine that takes up such a small amount of space? I can tell you I don’t know of another gym as compact with the capabilities of the Powertec Compact Gym. No crazy bells and whistles and no unnecessary space needed; however, it is “More Than Meets the Eye.”


– Ian Lauer CSCS


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