Powertec Brand Ambassador – Denise Bardzik


1. Can you tell our readers a little about who you are?

My name is Denise Bardzik I am originally from New Jersey and now living in Phoenix Arizona. I work for Phoenix Police

2. How did you get involved with fitness? When you first started training, did you focus more on weight training, cardio, etc?

I have been working out since high school. I remember growing up watching Body Shaping with Corey Everson and thinking her muscles were beautiful and wanted to look like that. I have always trained with weights and always do cardio. Now with competing and being in off season I have to remind myself to not do as much cardio which at times is hard.

3. Why did you decide to compete? Did you have a role model in the industry that inspired you?

I decided to compete last year. I had always thought about it but never wanted to commit to the diet. I love my sugar 🙂 Truth be told I will be turning 39 this year so I thought I better do this before I get any older. There are so many that inspire me. Erin Stern, Nicole Wilkins, Felicia Romero, and many other national competitors and pro competitors.


4. What kind of training program do you follow and why does it work for you?

I work with a trainer/coach. I do what ever he says. I do about 30mins of low intensity cardio and alternate upper and lower body with weights about 6 days a week. The gym is my second home and I truly love it!!

5. What’s your diet like? Can you give us a sample of your weekly meal plan?

I eat 6 times a day and I take in a balance of carbs, fats, and protein for most of the meals. When you convert over to this life style you become very creative with your food.

6. Do you take any supplements? What are the benefits of these supplements and why should someone take them?

As far as supplements go I always take a good multi vitamin,B12, vitamin C, calcium, fish oil and digestive enzymes. I never use stimulants other than coffee in the morning. They are very misleading and long term are not good for. My pre work out drink right now is Size On and I mix it with my BCAA’s . And protein of course.

7. How do you keep your abs so toned? Do you have any advice to women who are struggling to get toned abs?

My abs only show when my diet is clean. For me I love hanging leg raises and weighted ab exercises. But again you can train abs and never see them until you clean up your diet.

8. What aspect of fitness lifestyle was the hardest for you to get used to?

The hardest part about this life style is constantly being judged on appearance. There is no such thing as perfection yet we try so hard to obtain that perfect body. I just do my best and know with every show my body will improve and try not to be so hard on myself. Life is too short to be obsessed with what you can and can’t eat.

9. On your first competition, you placed 2nd in NPC Jr. Masters and placed 5th in NPC Figure Class. Can you tell us about your experience?

My first competition, I placed 2ND in NPC Jr. Masters and placed 5Th in NPC Figure Class. It was an amazing experience. I went in there expecting nothing and came home with 2 trophies and qualified for nationals. The best part has been the friendships I have made. I am no longer with my first team but still remain close with all of them and they are some of my best friends.

10. Are you planning to compete again in the future? What do you think are the areas you need to work on that will help you prepare for the next show?

I am now getting ready to do my second show in February. It has taken me so long to get back on the stage because my body is long and lean and putting good quality muscle on has been a real challenge. I know that when I step on stage it will be a much better body than I brought to my first show.

11. Is it difficult to maintain your current physique? What motivates you to stick to your training program?

It is relatively easy for me to maintain my physique. I enjoy eating clean and love being in the gym. I struggle in off season where you need to put on some weight to gain muscle.

12. How would you persuade someone, who lacks the motivation to diet & exercise, to change their current lifestyle?

For those wanting to make changes to their diet and work outs I say you only have one life. Live it to the fullest. I have never needed a trainer or work out buddy to motivate me to get to the gym. I love it!! I know many do not feel the same way. For me I find inspiration in quotes. They are so uplifting. On my Facebook page I try to always post things that will motivate and I feel this is the best gift you could ever give yourself. So just do it 🙂


13. What are your fitness plans for 2012? What are your future goals this industry?

My goals for 2012 are to re qualify for a National Show. I will be competing in the Gold Coast Muscle Classic February 11 in San Diego Ca. From there I plan to go to Team Universe in NJ in July. I would love to earn my Pro Card but we will have to wait and see how that all goes. I would love to get published in a fitness magazine. Another goal is sponsorship and just keep training and motivating others to achieve their goals.

14. Where can we find you on the internet?

At this time the best place to connect with me is through my Facebook page.



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