Part 2 | The Powertec Utility Bench: All in One Expandable Home Gym with the Workbench Machine Accessories

The Powertec Utility Bench: All in One Expandable Home Gym with the Workbench Machine Accessories (PART II)


In case you are joining us for the first time and missed out on PART I of the Powertec Utility Bench brief, allow me a quick moment to reiterate the essence of the article. The Utility bench is a high quality fully adjustable bench what is capable of handling any workout you can throw at it. Thick padding, top notch upholstery, and multiple settings are just a few of the features that make the Powertec Utility bench a valuable piece of equipment for your home gym. Powertec has gone to considerable lengths continuing to improve upon an already great piece equipment. What’s more is that it is offered at a great price considering the quality. With Powertec you invest in quality and don’t throw away hard earned cash on bells and whistles. Now you are caught up… Let’s get into the key features that set Powertec Utility Bench apart from all other adjustable benches on the market:

1) Linkage System
2) Expandability to Full Gym with Line of Quality Accessories

You may be wondering what a “Linkage System” is. That is a fair question. Most benches out there are free standing with no linking option. What I mean by that is if you use a standard adjustable bench in a power rack for instance, you place the bench in the rack. This is simple; but, can be unsafe. If you are moving considerable weight the bench can slide when racking or un-racking the weight. This puts you at risk of injury during your workout. Also to consider is your positioning on the bench and distance from the racking area. With a bench that is just rolled into the rack, it is always a guessing game and inconsistent from one workout to another. To overcome these issues Powertec has added a LINKAGE SYSTEM to the Utility Bench. This allows you to securely fasten your bench in place with your Powertec Power Rack or Powertec Half-Rack by just sliding in a pin. To move the bench out you just pull the pin. This gives you full versatility, consistency, and safety all in one! Another added bonus is the ability to use the Utility Bench in conjunction with the Powertec Functional Trainer as well. As you can see the Linkage System raised this bench a mark above the competitors on the market.


Perhaps you still aren’t convinced that this if the bench for you? No problem, the Expandability of the Powertec Utility Bench make it a no-brainer. Most benches out there are just that…benches. You buy a bench and that is precisely what you get. With this model however, you are getting much more Today AND Tomorrow. The list of quality accessories that are available to link up with the Utility Bench is impressive and allows you to expand to a complete gym in the future! That’s right, you can decide later to add on and you will be able to do so.

Powertec Workbench Utility Bench

What are these accessories and what can they do for you?

1) Leg Press
2) Leg Lift/Curl
3) Machine Dip
4) Arm Curl
5) Pec Fly
6) Lat Tower

The Leg Press: This accessory gives you a multi-joint leg training option. You can stack weight on and hammer the legs with a tried and true exercise. The total body effect of doing leg work is undeniable. The Leg Press Accessory gives you the ability to add this to your bench right away or at a later time.

Leg Lift/Curl: Isolation exercises, though not in vogue at the moment, are an excellent way to improve strength and bring out muscle separation. Another benefit is improvement in your “mind-muscle” connection. A leg extension and leg curl accessory option is the perfect combo for the thigh.

Machine Dip: If you want bigger arms you should know that a big triceps is the key to overall arm size. One of the best exercises for adding sheer mass to the back of the arms is the dip. The Machine Dip accessory gives you the ability to do this exercise and shred up your triceps.

Arm Curl: Triceps give you are mass but a great bicep peak is often sought after. How do you get that peak? Arm Curls. The Arm Curl accessory is an excellent option for increasing the peak of your biceps.

Pec Fly: For chest development presses are great; however, you must remember the fly movement. Many people find dumbbell flies stress the shoulder and miss out on hitting the pecs. This is where a machine fly can come to the rescue. The strength curve in the movement matches the strength curve of the natural fly movement on the Pec Fly accessory. Looking to improve the mass and striations in your chest? Consider the Pec Fly Accessory.

Lat Tower: Do you want to develop your back? You should! Many neglect their back and focus only on their chest creating an imbalance. A balanced physique is a better performing physique. The lat tower is an awesome way to get those needed pulling exercises often missed out on.


These accessories allow expansion to a full gym now or later… It’s your choice! So, what would a weekly workout plan look like with this set-up you may be wondering…

Sample Workouts:

Monday (Chest and Tri’s)

4×10-15 Incline Bench Press
4×10-15 Bench Press
4×10-15 Pec Fly (Accessory)
4×10-15 Decline Bench Press
4×10-15 Dip (Accessory)
4×10-15 Triceps Pushdown (Lat Tower Accessory)
2×10-50 Crunches

Tuesday (Back and Bi’s)

4×10-15 Single Arm Dumbbell Row
4×10-15 Lat Pulldown
4×10-15 Inclined Bench Dual Dumbbell Row
4×10-15 Lying Dumbbell Pullover
4×10-15 Arm Curl (Accessory)
2×10-50 Seated Knee Raise

Thursday (Legs)

4×10-15 Leg Press (Accessory)
4×10-15 Bench Step-Ups
4×10-15 Leg Extension (Accessory)
4×10-15 Leg Curl (Accessory)
4×20-25 Calf Raise (Leg Press Accessory)
2×10-50 Crunches

Friday (Shoulders)

4×10-15 Seated Shoulder Press
4×10-15 Dumbbell Upright Rows
4×10-15 Seated Side Raises
4×10-15 Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise
4×10-15 Incline Bench Front Raise (dumbbells or barbell)
2×10-50 Seated Knee Raises

So there you have it! You decide… Whether you just need a fully functional bench or are looking for a complete gym, chances are the Powertec Utility Bench will fulfill your needs. The best part is you can get only what you need now and always add on later!
– Ian Lauer CSCS


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