Ian Lauer Football Training on the Powertec Functional Trainer


Team Powertec athlete Ian Lauer demonstrates how the Powertec Functional Trainer can help improve your performance on the field.



About Ian Lauer

Ian Lauer is an Actor, Fitness Model and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist via the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) as well as Certified Spencer Pilates Instructor through NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association).

Video Transcript

Hi I am Ian Lauer, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Team Powertec member and former first team All-Conference College Line Backer and Semi-Pro player as well. Here to talk to you today about Powertec Functional Trainer and helping you take your game to the next level.

Now you may read some of my articles in the past where I talk about functional training and my thoughts on the idea of functional training. A lot of times what I’ll see are circus acts, people trying to balance on one leg and rub their stomach and pat their bellies and what is that going to do for you on the football field?, nothing. What you need to do are do exercises, perform exercises that are going to relate to your experience on the field and make you stronger and perform that while on the field and that’s where this functional trainer comes into play.

So, one exercise that’s very popular amongst football players would be the Bench Press or say a squat but let show with the bench press. Most of the time on a regular bench press, your laying on your and pushing, great for developing upper body strength but you’re lacking the coordination that comes from being on your feet and moving from an athletic position. That’s where the functional trainer comes into play.

So you want to imagine you’re engaging, say a line backer or a line man trying to shed the block, you’re going to step into the line man you can chop your feet and pop, chop your feet and pop. So you see this movement and you can also remain stationary too. What you see is this movement mimicking a bench press but we’re in an athletic position.
On the defensive side of the ball, often times you’re avoiding a chop block and the way you do that is that you’re going to step into or away from depending who’s coaching you and jam down into the shoulder of the blocker.

So, in order to make an exercise that replicates this movement, you’re going to need something such as the functional trainer. Here what we would do is we would step into the movement chopping your feet athletic position, step BAM! Right into that blocker so we’re here, JAM the blocker. And you see how this is engaging the muscles, we go either side or that’s one of the great thing we can work this as a set, side to side athletic position, JAM the blocker down.
Now, one of the great things about working with the pulley system such as this is it changes our force vector. If you’re using just dumbbells you have to press upwards that’s your only option, against gravity. Here, because the way it’s configured, we’re actually creating a force vector in the direction we would be using on the field and that’s how you are going to build functional strength for the field.

Now on the field, most of the time you’re not supposed to be grabbing cloth unless you’re tackling but there are gonna be times where you need to rip past a competitor and that’s where this next exercise is going to come into play. And so what we do is set here in front of the bar ,take your step back and again we’re always working from an athletic position that’s the important thing here. And what were going to do is rip through, and we practice on the side rip through, other side, rip through. So what you’re gonna see there, what you’re seeing is a variation of a row. Now would’ve seen typical dumbbell rows perhaps barbell row and those are great exercises but they do not take into account the athleticism that’s needed on the field and a movement such as this incorporate athleticism so its full body movement with the exercise.

Now the functional trainer you have a lot of options. You can change, we have the bar on before, now we’re working with the handle itself and what that enables us to do is to work hands independently. Often times you’re gonna be jamming, swimming, doing things like that as you’re getting by an offensive line man. So here, we can work your swim move and build power into the jam. So you’re in athletic position, just like you would jam the outside shoulder of the offensive line man and swim over and you’re going to jam and swim, back, jam and swim. So this is to get by that offensive line man. We’re jamming the shoulder, BAM and then we’re swimming through. Jam and swim and swim. You can do sets of 10 -15 and the key there is to get the movement your step with the jam and swim through just like you would in the field, improving your play.

Another good exercise to teach you to get pass that line man is once you jam is to rip through. Here we have a great option. The exercise for that so we step forward and engage the tension and just like you’re on the field you’re going to jam and rip through so jam the shoulder and rip through, jam, rip through one more time rip through. So you’re seeing these movements, now that’s kind of comparable to say a front raise or a version of a dumbbell bench press but what this is doing is giving you the freedom to work through your athletic movement as you would on the field. Again, training your body to move in a way in which it needs to move on the field with strength and power.

Building strength and traditional exercise is important for the field. But one thing you can’t deny is the importance of your foot work and powerful movements through the feet which we will going to generate the movement in your whole body. So for instance, let’s take the first step, say you’re doing a reach step on a block, coming through a few point stance, you have to do a reach and it’s here. So here what we’re doing is adding resistance and improving that power with that reach step. This also works for say, a line backer that’s reading a play, read the play and then step into it. Read, read, read, run. Read, read, read, run.

And some coaches will teach you actually that first step – two step. Like I’m reading a play coming out my left side, we’re going to step in with the right and then drive. Other coaches will teach you to leave with the front leg. Just depends on what your coaches is telling you but here we are going to imagine that we are doing a back leg step in for explosion so here, reading, step in and explode through, reading, step in, explode through. So this is a way to add resistance to that first step, improving your explosiveness and your reaction.

Thanks for watching today. I hope that you find these exercises and many others you can do on a Powertec Functional Trainer – improve your game. Once again, I’m Ian Lauer, Certified strength and Conditioning Specialist member of Team Powertec.


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