Dedicate to Fitness, Not Your Room Space with the Powertec Compact Gym

Dedicate Yourself to Fitness, Not Your Room Space with the Compact Gym
by Ian Lauer CSCS

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Time and time again, people are blinded by bells and whistles. What’s more is that, for years, the thought that ‘bigger is better’ has been a common misconception. You saw this with cars, homes, and even bodybuilders to name a few. Nowhere to be found until recently were the ideas of better gas mileage, lower utility bills, and a physique of balanced aesthetic appeal. As of late, you have seen the pendulum swing towards efficiency, effectiveness and conservation.

What does this mean to you? If you are like most people in the world, there are two things you are cramped to find. Spare time and space are two of our most valuable commodities and always seem to be lacking. You may have given up on getting fit because you didn’t want to fight traffic to get to and from the gym because it makes the process too long. Traveling to and from the gym can become just that: A process. To cut down on the PROCESS TIME you may find a home gym is the answer.

Let’s say you have already been dreaming of being able to perform gym style workouts at home, but thought there is no way to fit a full gym in your home. For this reason finding a home gym unit that is:

1. Efficiency of movement
2. Effective at changing your body
3. Conserves space in your home or apartment
4. Capable of handling serious workouts for serious results

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One gym that offers ALL OF THIS is the Powertec Compact Gym. Let’s break it down to see how the Compact Gym may be the answer you have been looking for to get that new Physique!

1. Efficiency of movement

a. The Levers of the gym move in a unilateral direction. This means fewer parts moving in random directions allowing you to fully use the gym in a smaller space.
b. There are a surprising number of high quality heavy resistance exercises are possible using only a few basic movements. Here is a partial list of the possible exercises on the Compact Gym (Triceps Pushdown, Lat Pull down, Reverse Grip Pull down, Squat, Front Shoulder Press, Standing Pushdown, Shrugs, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Bent-Over Rows, Seated Incline Close Grip Pull down, Leg Press, Abdominal Exercises.

2. Effective at changing your body

a. Training the body via compound movements is imperative for making massive changes in your body. You can do a number of these exercises on the Compact Gym. A few of the great ones for this are the Bench Press, Squat, Leg Press, Lat Pull down, Bent over Row, Shoulder Press.
b. To sculpt the finishing touches like carved traps or horseshoe like triceps or ripped calves you can perform simple or single joint movements on the Compact Gym. A few examples of these would be: Shrugs, Triceps Pushdown, and Calf Raises using the Squat bar.

3. Conserves space in your home or apartment.

a. The footprint of the Compact Gym is incredibly small when considering the capabilities of the machine. Only about 3.5 feet wide and less than 6 feet tall. The length is around 7 feet.

b. It folds up!!! How many heavy duty gyms have you seen that do this? The 7 feet length is reduced to about 4 feet simply by lifting the bench when not in use. This is a huge space saver allowing you hard core training with the bench down. When your workout is over just pull one pin and fold the bench out of the way! How does this break down for you “numbers” guys? The square footage footprint when in use is around 25 ft2. When the bench is lifted the footprint is reduced to about 14 ft2. That’s a really small footprint considering a SMALL bedroom 10 ft x 10 ft has 100 ft2.

4. Capable of handling serious workouts for serious results.

a. With a 300 pound weight capacity the Compact gym can handle you pushing some serious weight.
b. Powertec uses heavy duty steel and designs meant to handle the abuse of hardcore training.
c. If you push with 100% effort and push the Compact Gym with everything you can throw at it you will be amazed at the changes you can make in your physique!



I would hope by now you’re beginning to wonder what a workout plan would look like on the Powertec Compact Gym. Well what a great day! Here, we just happen to have one for your perusal:

The Program (One Possible Four Day Split on the Powertec Compact Gym):


– Bench Press 4×10
– Lat Pull-down 4×10
– Bent-Over Row 4×10
– Pushups 2x MAX Reps
– Lat Pull-down Reverse Grip 4×10

– Leg Press 4×10
– Squat 4×10
– Calf Raises 4×25
– Good Mornings 4×10
– Split Squat (Rear-Foot on Bench) 3×10 each leg
– Seated Leg Raises 4×25

– Shoulder Press 4×10
– Triceps Press-down 3×20
– Shrugs 5×10
– Standing Lateral Press-down (Dip Style) 3×20

– Step-Ups on Bench 3×15
– Crunches 4×25
– Seated Knee Raises 4×25
– Lying Leg Raises 4×25

And there you have it! A full body, heavy duty resistance style workout on a gym that when not in use tucks away into a space of just about 3.5 x 4 feet! That is huge capabilities in minimal space. The excuses are gone, now it’s up to you to decide if you are willing to answer the bell and step up to the Compact Gym and create the physique you have always wanted…
– Ian Lauer CSCS

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