Total Body Workout

Powertec Workbench Power Rack Equipment

Workbench Power Rack System

Are you looking for a total body workout? Fitness machines or multi-gyms that provide a full range of exercises are “all the rage” for those who are interested in conditioning the body in it’s entirety. You need something with a number of components that intended for specific areas of the body. By using this high-tech modernised gym, you will find a different component to work out specific parts and regions of the body in a free weight fashion which extends a full range of motion to your body so that you achieve the highest workout results for your effort. I am referring to the Powertec Workbench Rack System, a breakthrough in fitness equipment for those looking for the ultimate workout. Here are some details on this fabulous exercise machine for total body workout.

Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 (Excellent}


Key Features:

  • Includes weight storage and angled chin-up bars
  • Easily transportable from one location to another as it is sits on wheels
  • Allows work out for a large range of muscle groups throughout the body and offers a vast number of exercises
  • Constructed with resilient materials to ensure long life of the machine
  • Bench detaches if the user needs access to the power rack to enable the ultimate squat exercises
  • Generally has a bold yellow colour, but does offer optional frame colours and optional attachments such as arm curl machine and high low lat machine if desired

Price: About $1,099 list price


Product Description:

Workbench Power Rack MachineThe Powertec Workbench Rack System is defined by its bold yellow colour, although there are elective frame colours. The bench section is totally removable if the user needs to open up a rack. The fact that it is on wheels makes it easily moveable and when it is stationary it locks in place with a spring pin ensuring that the user is always in a fixed cantered position. The machine is simple, but pioneering and very effectual usefull for total body workout. The rack is equipped with angled chin-up bar and weight storage. It is fixed at a 10 degree angle and incorporates a slide tube for speedy adjustment. The bench incorporates the patented linkage mechanism for multiple angles with back support. This machine may be further complement with patented arm curl and high low lat machines if the user so desires.


Product Features:

With the various bars, pulleys, and levers, there are a wide variety of exercises accessible with this home gym. The bench conveniently unclips for power rack access. You can also push the bench flat if you wish to do lateral exercises. Some of the other features include a climb up bar for the triceps and back area as well as a chin-up bar.

In addition, the Powertech Workbench Rack System is manufactured with quality durable materials and constructed for long lasting use. It also has a firm warranty as its components are completely dependable.


Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 78″L x 48″W x 82″H 

Rack System: 700 lbs 

Leg Lift: 250 lbs 

Arm Curl: 200 lbs 

Lat Tower Option: 400 lbs 

Warranty: Frame-Lifetime/Pads and grips 1 yr/Parts 2 yr



Powertec Workbench Power Rack Equipment

Details About the Targeted Muscle Groups

The legs are catered for with squats by incorporating the power rack and then the extensions and curls being executed at the end of the bench.

The back gets a lat pull down. The bench may be removed so that the cable pulls low from the base for the ultimate low rows. The shoulders get an upright row from the low pulley plus the press above the bench.

The chest may be pressed from a number of different angles with the modifiable bench to exercise different areas of the chest.

The triceps and back can receive a total workout by incorporating the chin up bar.


Warranty Information:

Lifetime on frames (excluding paint finish) 

1 year on pads, grips, and unspecified parts 

2 years on component parts (bearings, spring pins)



Overall, we genuinely like the Powertec Workbench Rack System and believe that it delivers a superior quality workout. It various components allow the user to get a total body workout by using the many aspects to target the different muscle groups in the body. A machine of this calibre can do deliver nothing short of satisfaction and utmost effectiveness. How can you loose with the capacity to perform so many different exercises including squats, extensions, curls, lat pull downs, chin ups, and an array of other exercises. We highly recommend this versatile piece of fitness equipment for achieving the ultimate workout if the price is right for you.

The Ultimate Beach Body Workout

   Ultimate Beach Body Workout

With the POWERTEC Levergym
By: Ian Lauer CSCS
ultimate beach body workout
Ultimate Beach Body Workout is not as challenging as dance combos .If you are familiar with the POWERTEC line then you are aware of their commitment to helping you develop to your peak potential in the areas of Strength and Athletic Performance.  What you may not have associated with POWERTEC to this point is their line’s ability to help you reach your aesthetic potential.  You ask, “What is ‘aesthetic potential?’” Simply put, creating YOUR BEST LOOKING BODY possible.  Let’s be honest, we ALL want to look great.  Sure, getting stronger and performing better applies to many people out there; however, wanting to LOOK OUR BEST applies to everyone.  When do people think about looking their best the most?  Summer time…also known as Beach Season is when people really think long and hard about looking their best.  Why do you think everyone and their mother in the fitness business has some sort of a “Beach Body” program?  That’s because in the end we all want to look great as if we are ready to hit the ultimate beach body workout and turn heads.  
Many companies have programs out there that will help you shed some weight and reveal some lean muscle which is great.  The problem though is that few focus on ADDING LEAN mass in the process.  Putting on GOOD MUSCLE is often sacrificed in many of the “BEACH STYLE” programs in lieu of just burning calories to cut fat.  The result is a body that looks better in the short term; however, it is highly possible that muscle is being lost along the way as well.  This ends up producing a reduction in the base metabolic rate from the loss of calorie incinerating muscle.  The end result can vary from person to person, but my worry is in the long run that these trainees become “skinny-fat.”  Rather than risk that I prefer to focus on solid strength training routines with adjusted reps, sets and splits to maximize fat loss while maintaining and even gaining lean mass.  The end result is the ULTIMATE BEACH BODY that YOU CAN MAINTAIN.
“How does one change the reps, sets and splits to achieve the Ultimate Beach Body?”  The key lies in working during MORE of your workout.  Frequently we rest for fairly long periods between sets.  This is ok when working to put on as much size or strength as possible.  But, when we want to add SOME lean mass and SHED FAT we need to focus on that which will help us lose that pesky adipose tissue.  We do that with SHORTER REST and MORE REPS.  The result is WORKING DURING MORE OF YOUR WORKOUT.  This means leaving the cell phone in the other room and not watching TV during the workout.  The focus must be on MOVEMENT.  Movement during the exercise and Movement from one exercise in a very quick fashion to the next is imperative.  To help make this as doable and effective as possible it is a good idea to use the SUPERSET concept.  When “Supersetting” we work on two or more different exercises in immediate succession.  
For example: Three Supersets of Incline Bench Press, Low Cable Row, Calf Raise looks as follows:
1. Incline Bench Press
2. Low Cable Row
3. Calf Raise
4. Incline Bench Press
5. Low Cable Row
6. Calf Raise
7. Incline Bench Press
8. Low Cable Row
9. Calf Raise
As mentioned before the key is moving from one exercise directly into the next and so forth.  It is a good idea to use exercises in each set that are not working the same muscle group for this type of workout. This allows you to go through the routine and with as little rest as possible for the duration of the session.  This keeps your body rolling and metabolism revved for the entirety of the workout.  In this style of training we are essentially getting a great strength routine and simultaneously getting in a cardiovascular session.
When it comes to reps and sets, working with 15-25 reps per set in a total of 3 sets will yield the results for which you are looking.  Beyond the reps and sets you will also want to consider how many body parts you will be training in a given workout.  Training anywhere from 2-4 body parts per workout is ideal for this type of workout.  Occasionally a Full-Body workout can be beneficial as well to really spike the metabolism.  As for how many days per week will be necessary for this style of training: That depends on how many body parts per day you decide to hit; but, I will say that four sessions per week will work incredibly well with this kind of training.
If you have stuck with me through all of the explanation, thank you for your attention!  So without any further ado let’s take a look at a sample ULTIMATE BEACH BODY PROGRAM on the POWERTEC Levergym.




1. MONDAY (Chest, Back, Calves)
2. TUESDAY (Quads, Hamstrings, Abs)
3. THURSDAY (Shoulders, Arms, Calves)
4. SATURDAY (Full-Body)


For each Superset perform 3 sets of 15-25 reps per exercise.  Be sure to perform the supersets as described earlier.  Superset #4 is Optional Time and Endurance Permitting.  Now get too it!
MONDAY (Chest, Back, Calves)
Superset 1: Incline Bench Press, Machine Row, Single Leg Calf Raises
Superset 2: Push-Ups, Lat Pull-Downs, Calf Raises (On leg press accessory)
Superset 3: Bench Press, Low Cable Row, Double Leg Standing Calf (Holding Bench Press Bar Assembly for Added resistance.
Superset 4: Chest Fly (Accessory), Under Hand Lat Pull-down, Plyo Ankle Flick Hoppers
TUESDAY (Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Abs)
Superset 1: Squat, Good Mornings, Crunches
Superset 2: Leg Extensions (Accessory), Leg Curls (Same Accessory), Marching Planks
Superset 3: Standing Lunges with Barbell, Single Leg Stiff Leg Dead-lift, Russian Twists with Plate
Superset 4: Leg Press (Accessory), Squat Jumps, Supermans
THURSDAY (Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps)
Superset 1: Shoulder Press, Preacher Curl (Accessory), Triceps Pushdown
Superset 2: Upright Row, Low Cable Curl, Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown
Superset 3: Single Arm Side Raise (low cable attachment point), Reverse Grip Low Cable Curl, Overhead Triceps Extension
Superset 4: Rear Delt Pull (Fly Accessory), Single Arm Biceps Curl (from low cable attachment point), Triceps Kickback (from low cable attachment point)
Superset 1: Bench Press, Lat Pull-down, Sit-Ups
Superset 2: Shoulder Press, Squats, Calf Raises
Superset 3: Barbell Style Curls, Triceps Press-down, Twisting Planks
Superset 4: Push-Ups Feet on Bench, Barbell Style Row, Walking Lunges
This routine is great for getting you ready for the Beach while putting on some good lean muscle in the process.  The supersets are guaranteed to keep you hopping and the solid resistance training capable of being done on POWERTEC equipment gives your muscles the heavy duty challenge they need to grow.  Put it all together and YOU GET YOUR ULTIMATE BEACH BODY!


Do It Big at Home

Do It Big at Home

With the Powertec Rollersmith, Utility Bench and Dumbbell Rack


By: Ian Lauer CSCS



When I was younger, I bought a cheap home gym and thought I would crank out some good workouts in the basement.  The problem was that the gym I bought was CHEAP!  I don’t mean inexpensive but rather it was cheaply constructed.  I won’t disclose the brand, but I can assure you it wasn’t a Powertec machine.  As a matter of fact, the Powertec Equipment was the stuff I saw in Muscle & Fitness Magazine and wanted!  Instead of springing a few more bucks for the Powertec and getting quality though I bought the cheap junk.   Long story short, that multi-gym was next to worthless because it was a pain in the butt to use.  It did not operate smoothly and often pulleys would pop right off of it when I would try to do the entire stack (which was only 200 lb by the way).  The moral of the story:  When buying a home gym set-up, know the kind of workouts you intend to do and get something that meets your needs today while having the ability to meet your needs tomorrow.  



The Powertec company offers a slew of options that meet your needs today as well as tomorrow.   They also operate smoothly like that of a piece of equipment you might find at your local gym.  With this knowledge the question is not brand, but rather what Equipment Set-up?  If you are into moving SERIOUS weight and looking for tremendous versatility while maintaining all the advantages of free weights and simultaneously keeping safety in mind, then I have the Package for you (That’s a lot of things to keep in mind)!  You are going to need three main pieces and can always add accessories later to expand your total gym package later when desired.


Thee Cornerstone Pieces for the “Do It Big at Home” Set-Up

1. Powertec Rollersmith with Lat Tower Option

2. Powertec Workbench

3.Powertec Workbench Dumbbell Rack 


Let’s take a look at each part of this suggested home set-up.  The Powertec Rollersmith with Lat Tower Option is the base of the entire system here.  The Smith machine allows you to load up and do the majority of any barbell exercises you would perform WITH ADDED SAFETY.  If you train alone, this is a great option to have!  You can set the safety bars at a level that allows you to go all out without having to worry about “getting stuck under the weight.”  On the Powertec Rollersmith you can go as heavy as you want and be confident that the machine can handle the load.  The only question is, “Can You!”  Another thing I love about the Powertec Smith is the Lat Tower Option.  This baby runs smoothly from both the upper and lower pulley attachment points.  It allows you to knock out pulldowns, pushdowns, curls, rows and a ton of other exercises and takes up ZERO Additional Space!  This Smith with Lat Tower piece alone would allow you to get a lot done. 



Now let’s add in the second piece, the Powertec Workbench.  Let’s be honest, we all love to do Bench Press!  You throw the Workbench into the equation with the Smith and now you can do all the Incline, Flat Bench, Decline and Shoulder Presses you could ever want.   What’s more is that the angle of the Smith makes it more similar to the natural movement you use with just a barbell while maintaining the Safety Factor of the Smith.  This duo alone would be sufficient for packing on lean slabs of beef; however, I imagine you want the ability to refine it a bit.  Is that true? 

If you are looking to put the finishing touches on your physique, it is hard to beat what a good dumbbell workout can do towards reaching those ends.  That’s why I have included the Workbench Dumbbell Rack in this suggested Home Gym Set-Up.  Now you have a place to keep as many dumbbells as you can stack on the rack up to 1500 lbs!   Because you already have the Workbench for use in the Smith you can easily pull it out and use it for any dumbbell application.  The result is extreme versatility in minimal space, not to mention the MASSIVE WEIGHT Capacity for incredible workouts. 



With this set-up you will have the ability to do any and all necessary exercises to build your best body.  Also one of the great things about Powertec is that if at any point you decide you want to add a little variety to your program, you can always get a multitude of Powertec Accessories to add on to the Powertec Workbench at a later date.

This collection, with or without accessories, is the ultimate for any serious weightlifter that wants to go all out at home and may not always have a spotter.   Get to creating your best physique today!