300 Workout on the Powertec Multisystem


300 Workout on the POWERTEC Multisystem

By: Ian Lauer CSCS
My take on a 300 workout is a bit different than that of what was popular a few years back.  Do you remember the workout that became popular after the 300 Movie came out?  That workout did a nice job of bringing out definition in the actors which is great.  I know however that if you’re on the POWERTEC site reading this you won’t settle for a tone body.  You want Rock Hard Lean Muscle AND a shredded six-pack.  There are a number of ways to get there.  One of my favorites is my version of the 300 workout.  I use the “KISS Principle” with it.  (Keep It Simple Stud)  I take the idea of German volume training, add a dash of decreased rest time and finally mix in a touch of variation to arrive at an effective routine for putting on lean muscle and slashing fat.  The basic routine is One Body Part per Workout with Three Exercises each done for 10 sets of ten reps.  The total number of reps is 300…get the idea?  Just an FYI, there are TWO exceptions…the “Bonus Days.”  You will learn about those once you read through the actual routine.  Just a hint concerning the two bonus days…they could be called 400 days. I bet you know what that means.
There are a few key points you need to keep in mind when doing this program to be sure to get your desired results.  You must WORK WITH INTENSITY, be willing to CHECK YOUR EGO at the door and work with 60-80% of the weight you normally would work with and finally PUSH THROUGH THE BURN.  Before moving on I feel I must clarify these points so that we are on the same page or screen as it were.
1. Work with Intensity: Often if volume training it seems people are just trudging along through sets.  I need to see you CRANKING out these reps.  Then instead of resting for a minute or more, you are taking 15-30 seconds of rest between sets and are fired up about hitting the next set with even more energy.  It is not humanly possible to do this with the same weight you would use for a standard 3×10 workout consisting of 3 exercises, which leads us to point number two.
2. Use 60-80% of your “Typical Training Weight:  I’m not going to pull out charts and work from a One Rep Max.  You know the weight you typically use.  So gauge from there and use 60-80% of that.  For example, if you typically use 200 Pounds use 120-160 pounds.  The weight you use should be relatively easy for the first 4-5 sets.  By the time you reach set number 7 it should get to be very challenging.  Then by sets 9 and 10 you should be reaching failure and perhaps only getting 8 of the 10 reps per set.  You can pick a weight and stick with it through all 10 sets or you can adjust as necessary in each exercise.
3. Push through the burn: When you workout in this fashion you are going to experience a burn that is probably more intense than any you have felt before, especially if you keep the rest periods short as intended.  When this happens…PUSH THROUGH IT! (Never push Through an Injury though, you need to know the difference and if it is in question, stop and seek medical attention.)
Now you know the basic concept and reasoning behind my version of the 300.  Let’s quit talking theory and look at it in practice in the following sample workout program.

300 on the POWERTEC Multisystem

FRIDAY: Shoulders


Be sure to keep rest between sets of a given exercise between 15 and 30 seconds.  From one exercise to the next however take a 2-3 minute break.
Incline Bench Press: 10 x 10
Bench Press: 10 x 10
Decline Bench Press: 10 x 10
Lat Pull-down (Overhand Wide Grip): 10 x 10
Barbell Style Row: 10 x 10
Lat Pull-down (Underhand Close Grip): 10 x 10
WEDNESDAY: Legs (BONUS DAY #1!!! We dub this 400 Day!)
Squat: 10 x 10
Leg Extension: 10 x 10 (Leg Extension/Curl Accessory)
Leg Curl: 10 x 10 (Leg Extension/Curl Accessory)
Calf Raises: 10 x 10
THURSDAY: Abs / Lower Back
Machine Crunch: 10 x 10
Plate Twists: 10 x 10
Supermans: 10 x 10
FRIDAY: Shoulders
Shoulder Press: 10 x 10
Upright Row: 10 x 10
Plate Side Raises: 10 x 10
SATURDAY: Arms (Bonus Day #2!!! also dubbed 400 Day!)
Preacher Curl: 10 x 10 (Accessory)
Triceps Pushdown: 10 x 10
Barbell Style Curl: 10 x 10
Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown: 10 x 10
This workout will put you through the ringer.  It will make you sweaty and probably give you one of the best pumps you have ever had.  What’s more is if you stick with if you will get awesome results.  Rather than having me sit here and go on and on about it, how about you hop on your POWERTEC Multisystem and give it a try for yourself!  
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