Functional Training Versus Resistance Training

Powertec Workbench Functional Trainer

Functional Training Versus Resistance Training
by Ian Lauer CSCS

Powertec Workbench Functional Trainer


The buzzword, rather buzz phrase, now is most definitely “Functional Training.” Interestingly the vast majority of the public and even a surprising large number of Trainers don’t even know what “Functional Training” is. By definition, Functional Training is any exercise that helps you perform better in life. Depending on what you do in “life”, Functional Training can take many forms.

Functional Training for a Football Player is going to look very different than Functional Training for a Golfer. Similarly, the “Functional” work that an Equestrian does in their workouts will vary drastically from that of a Housewife. In essence, Functional Training should be molded after and emulate the Sport or Life Activities that the Trainee wants to enhance. What blows my freaking mind is the asinine “Functional Training” that HARMFUL trainers are having their unsuspecting clients take part in.

This, of course, comes after they have tried to BASH Resistance Training all the while not being smart enough to realize that a “Functional Movement” with weights, a RESISTANCE Band, a Medicine Ball, Cables, Etc. IS RESISTANCE TRAINING!

These so-called trainers have polluted the training world with a hodge podge of “exercises” that seem to be taking root in a number of big box gyms.

Now, for those Trainers that THINK they are innovative and have clients balancing on balls while curling a band all the while tethered to a pole as they chew gum and rub their bellies whilst patting their heads… I have one thing to say. STOP BEING A DOUCHEBAG! Unless the trainee is planning on working as a performing Elephant for Barnum Bailey you are wasting everyone’s time and putting the client at risk of serious injury for essentially ZERO benefit. Please don’t misunderstand… I am for “Functional Training” so long as it will benefit the trainee in their Sport or Life. This kind of “Functional Training” will look somewhat like the activity to be improved.

An example of this would be a Stepping Chest Press with Resistance for a Football Player. Here a sport movement such as blocking a linebacker is used as a model to fashion an exercise to closely emulate the actual move. Another example would be a Standing Single Arm Row with Back Step. This type of movement would be beneficial for a Mixed Martial Artist in developing their strength to pull an opponent off balance. In each of these examples notice how the trainee works against resistance in the movement to strengthen the necessary musculature to improve strength when back on the field or in the octagon.

Powertec Functional Trainer Workout


Now that we are fully on the same page about Functional Training, my apologies if you were mislead by the title of this article. I’m not here to tell you how one type of training is better than the other; rather, I am here to inform you. “Functional Training” in the majority of settings is merely a variation of “Resistance Training.” If you are moving against resistance you are performing “Resistance Training.” If you are moving against resistance to improve your performance in Sport or Life you are performing “Resistance based Functional Training.” One could make the argument that any exercise is Functional Training as it is done to improve function in life, but let’s not get caught up in semantics. For our purposes, we will consider Sport/Life like movements Functional Training while we consider the more common movements such as Bench Press, Squat, Curls, etc. “Traditional Resistance Training.”

Both, Functional Training and Traditional Resistance Training play vital roles in improving your Sport’s Performance. Traditional Resistance Training is essential in the development of BASE POWER. This base power is obviously important in the vast majority of sports. The ability to Push, Pull, or Drive with the Legs is the result of Base Power. Now, to use that Base Power most efficiently and effectively you must “tie it together.”

What do I mean by “tie it together?” If your base power is just “pieces parts” and uncoordinated you won’t gain the full benefit of the massive power you posses. You “tie it together” with REAL FUNCTIONAL TRAINING. This teaches your body to move against resistance with efficiency and strength. Can you see how this will help you against an opponent? If you move efficiently and effectively with power you are much more likely to blow through the Offensive Line or throw your Judo opponent with ease.

Massive Base Power and Efficient Functional Movement result in Incredible Performance. How do you go about attaining these desired results? YOU TRAIN! YOU TRAIN HARD! If you want it handed to you you’ve come to the wrong place. That’s like just wishing to be the best. Let me share with you one of my father’s favorite phrases: “Wish in one hand and S#@% in the other… See which on fills up first!” In other words if you want something you have to go out there and GRAB it because it won’t be placed in your grasp.

Powertec Workbench Levergym Bench Press


Want to develop Massive Base Power? You need to move Massive Weight in Traditional Movement Patterns. A couple of pieces of equipment come to mind that can help you in the goal. They can handle the weight and intensity needed to develop that crazy power. A few great pieces for this are Powertec’s Workbench Power Rack, Workbench Half Rack, or Workbench Levergym. Each of these pieces of equipment provides you with a great platform to develop the much needed Base Power.

Now you have your base power and want to “tie it together!” The Powertec Functional Trainer is a great machine to make that happen. With the Functional Trainer you can work against resistance in Functional Movement Patterns that mimic your sport. The result of this training is increased Functional Strength. When you couple increased functional strength with increased base power you end up with dramatically improved performance.

As you can see there are a number of options available to help you reach your goals. Doing the work still comes back to you. Do YOU have the desire and drive to reach your goals? If you are the type of person that MUST achieve you know what you MUST to do. You MUST train HARDER and SMARTER than your opponent.

Now you fully understand the importance of Resistance Training AND Functional Training… It’s up to you to bring the INTENSITY and CONSISTENCY to be the best!


– Ian Lauer CSCS

Powertec – Compressed Gym with Expanded Result


Powertec – Compressed Gym with Expanded Results
Why Powertec is the Perfect Choice



With the rise of awareness in fitness in recent years, acquiring a weight training equipment set has now been as imperative as buying a television set. The possession of fitness machines and accessories are now more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Many of our adolescents’ birthday wishes are to own a weight training bench, instead of a pricey gadget.

The main problem of weight training sets is that it eats a lot of space in your room, and some components and accessories are too small, owners might possibly lose some of its parts somewhere, and probably lost forever. Home gyms are the best solution for room space issues and keeping your accessories intact, but a lot of people who know about strength training are skeptical in purchasing high-priced equipment, but with limited range of motion and uncertainty in the weight resistance it brings, due to the use of pulleys and cables. Weight maximization is very limited in most cases, since the stacked iron found in home gyms are already pre-determined, therefore unable to improvise and add more weight.

This is where Powertec shows they are steps ahead of other manufactured home gyms. Instead of cables and pulleys, Powertec uses Leverage System and Plate Loading. You do not need to worry about the accuracy and consistency of resistance, as well as the range of motion and exercises that you can execute. Using this technology, Powertec holds an advantage against other home gyms in three ways: Safety, Weight Maximization, and Modularization.




Using the regular bench, let’s say you are able to bench 315 lbs, or even heavier. Unfortunately, your trusted spotter is not available for today, and you cannot afford to miss out today’s workout. You want to test yourself if you can still push your way to 300, but you’re just too worried not to recover in case the barbell doesn’t get back up to its rack.

With Powertec, the leverage system technology allows you to lift heavy, even when you’re alone. Powertec home gyms work just like free weights, except it is screwed to a lever, giving you the assurance of a safe landing place for the plate-loaded bar. Since the arm is attached to the machine, you do not need to worry about dropping the weights onto your chest. It’s like using free weights, but with one less thing to worry about: your safety.

Weight Maximization

Unlike other home gyms, which stack up to 200 lbs of resistance, Powertec’s plate-loading technology allows a user to add more weight to its loading point, similar to a barbell. If you can stack ten 45-lb Olympic plates with the use of an Olympic bar, you can do the same with Powertec home gyms.

Yes, you can conveniently place the pin to the designated point of the entire stack, but what if you can lift 200, and need 20 more pounds? Adding additional weight is not possible for regular home gyms. Powertec is the first home gym to incorporate leverage system technology and plate-loading to its equipment, instead of cables and pulleys. Another similarity with free weights versus other home gyms: you can stack up as much plates as it can handle. The maximum weight a Powertec home gym can handle is up to 500 lbs.

powertec home gym



Now, this is where Powertec takes the cake. Once you assemble other home gyms from the box, the display shown on the box is its final structure. The design is already prearranged, therefore the floor space, resistance, and list of exercises possible are pre-determined as well.

The workbench technology of Powertec allows a user to customize their own home gym, depending on the availability of area in their room, or what types of exercises they would want to perform. You can simply re-assemble your Powertec home gym, aside from the fact that it had been assembled initially to its original form.

Aside from its versatility, Powertec home gyms can also be accessed by multiple users simultaneously, just like the Powertec Workbench Multipress. Up to 3 users can utilize the home gym, so you don’t have to wait for your turn to get started on your workout. Plus, unlike other home gyms, circuit training is easier to execute in a Powertec home gym due to its multiple user station access.

The Verdict

Powertec LeverGym Home Gyms are designed perfectly for the serious athlete; for hardcore weight trainees who want nothing more than a compact training equipment that caters to their own needs. If you can do a circuit strength training with chest presses, flyes and pullovers in a continuous transition, you cannot execute that in any home gym better that Powertec home gyms. While cable and pulleys give you the more comfortable experience in changing resistance levels, Powertec LeverGym changes everything else. It gives you the same feeling of working out with free weights, without the hassle of disassembling and reassembling dumbbells and curl bars in between sets.



The Home Gym Critic Review: Powertec Workbench Multisystem


TheHomeGymCritic Review
Powertec Workbench Multisystem


Note: This article has been reposted based on a review from another website (


The Powertec leverage gyms are renowned for being the very best leverage gyms money can buy. In this Powertec workbench multi system review we take a look at what claims to be the number one selling leverage home gym in the world. So what is it that makes the Powertec range and in particular, the multi system so popular?

Let’s take a look at its main features first…



– 3 person access: Allows for 3 people to workout at 3 separate stations at any one time.

– 12 single station machines: Includes bench press, squat, shoulder press, calf raises, tricep extensions, bicep curls, leg curls, lat pulldowns, seated row, tricep press, shrugs, and ab crunch.

– Option to add further accessories including; leg press, pec flyes, and machine dips.

– Huge resistance possibilities: Multi-press station for chest and shoulder exercises allows up to 500 lbs resistance, squat station for quads and calves has 600 lbs capacity, lat/triceps station for back and arms has a 400 lb capacity, leg extension station has a 200 lb capacity, the ab crunch station has a 150 lb capacity

– LeverGym advantage: Lever arms drive the exercises. Weight plates are loaded directly onto the lover which simply replaces the barbell thus providing the natural feel and resistance of free weight with the safety and control of a machine.

– Very little maintenance: The Workbench Multi System has no cables or pulleys. All exercises incorporate bearing driven lever arms to provide a smooth and quiet operation.



TheHomeGymCritic’s Powertec Workbench Multi-system Review

This gym has seriously thrown me off my office chair as I’m writing this review, it’s a truly special piece of equipment and it’s no wonder that it’s the best selling gym of its kind.

As you can see, there’s a wide range of exercises available, more than enough to provide a really solid workout for a person of any fitness level. Also, the maximum capacity for each station is more than enough for even the most serious of bodybuilders.

The gym itself is as you can imagine very heavy at 475 lbs, and that’s without any weight plates on the machine. Which leads me on to my next point, you’ll need to buy Olympic weight plates for the Powertec multi-system gym, which of course can be quite expensive compared to standard plates. I’d recommend buying enough plates to fit all stations, so you don’t need to keep on transferring weights from station to station.

Because the gym is so heavy (very close to commercial) with weight plates included you need to make sure your floor can handle the added weight, rubber gym mats are quite inexpensive, you can use them to prevent any damage to your flooring.

Assembly is as you’d expect, time consuming. It’s not difficult but most people seem to have it set up within 5-10 hours. The Powertec multisystem gym is relatively affordable, and is extra competitive compared to other gyms of its type. Finally, I’d recommend opting for a set of dumbbells and a barbell so you can perform flyes, deadlifts, and curls.

workbench multisystem specifications



– Model: WB-MS
– Length: 96 inches
– Width: 119 inches
– Height: 82 inches
– Weight: 475 pounds
– Stations: three
– Weights included: No
– Warranties: Frame – lifetime, components (bearings, spring pins) – 2 years, pads, grips and unspecified parts – 1 year

– Price: Around $1,499 (look for free shipping)



As you can tell from this Powertec workbench multi system review, I am fully behind this home gym and therefore recommend it to anyone who’s serious in wanting to build muscle. If you have the space for this gym and you want the feeling of free weights as well as the safety of a home gym machine, then the Powertec Multi-System is for you.



Powertec workbench multi system review

Built Quality = 5/5
Features = 5/5
Practicality = 5/5
Value = 5/5
Overall Rating = 5/5


Taken from TheHomeGymCritic – Powertec Multisystem Review. Click here to go to the original article.