Yearly News

Yearly News

Powertec, Inc. Newsletter                                          November 2016

In Our Effort to Reach Out to You

The purpose of this newsletter and many more to come are to open a channel of communication to our most valued clients, our dealers.  Newsletters can be a great way to keep you informed about our current product and future direction.  It can also be a great forum where your ideas and input can be heard by your peers, other dealers like you.  We would also like to use this newsletter to notify you of our marketing efforts, create credibility and build awareness for Powertec as a brand and the products we offer. We believe it is time we are on the same page and move forward together.


Looking toward 2017

With the Holiday season fast approaching and 2017 just around the corner, we must be ready to move forward with the industry.  Having reached the premium home fitness market potential, we are looking to expand into the light commercial market, considering double digits growth in the private/boutique gym sector. Your thought and input is greatly appreciated going forward.  Here are a few questions to start:

Which Powertec line would you like to see upgraded for light commercial?

Which line we should introduce that we currently do not have in our line-up?

What customers say about us:

“Love everything about it. Complete total workout and more exercises than I can get with any other home gym.”

-Dwayne Lester

“If you are not wanting to spend the money for professional equipment this is very close for a good bit less money.“

-J.A. Overman

Increase Marketing Efforts

To grow as a Brand, and increase our sales, we will be boosting our marketing efforts on all fronts.  We are working to improve our social media presence and hope that you can help link to and from us in your out-reach.  We will also be focusing on providing SEO contents on our site, while expanding our keywords ads.

img_9821 The Functional Trainer Deluxe (WB-FTD16)

The New Functional Trainer Deluxe is an expanded version of the original Functional Trainer, due to it’s new design, the load capacity has been increased, it’s new load capacity can be maximized to 1,000 lbs. The system delivers extraordinary performance. The Twin Tower Structure has been designed to provide users easy, efficient and safe access. The new design allows for the Functional Trainer to be upgraded with Two Stack Weight Systems. The combination of the Easy Load Slide Rods and Cable System provide precise gliding and smooth operation, it also features Ring Stoppers designed to stop the weight carriage from traveling to undesirable distances.

Matted Paint Finish The new systems feature a Matted Paint Finish that gives the system an added sophisticated looks.